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Before you sign any services, you can ask for a free 5-page sample edit to make sure I’m the right fit for you. My focus is mostly on content edits (developmental editing), but I will help you with basic writing skills, grammar and typos. However, the focus on these packages is not copy editing. The major focus here is on your story, and how it could work better.


  • WIP Coaching

Finishing a manuscript is hard. Plotting, sitting down every day to write, putting so much time and effort into it when you don’t even know if it’ll ever see the light of day… It’s an insane job, really, and it requires motivation. And sometimes, motivation requires a little kick in the butt. That’s what this service is for.

When you hire this coaching service, you get the full package to help you finish your manuscript. I’ll give you deadlines, work with you on your pages and provide some one-on-one help with plotting, writing schedule, keeping your story tight and anything else you might need. In other words, I’ll make sure you get the job done! I can be quite the cheerleader (and quite the ruthless teacher, if you procrastinate too much)!

Choose the package that better suits your needs and get started!

Light one-month package:  $185

This is for those who just need a kickstart, or who are stuck and need a little push. With this package you get two half-hour skype sessions to discuss your project, deadlines for four weeks and critiques* on up to 50 pages of your manuscript.

Kick-ass one-month package:  $390

Yes, you can want more out of a month. This package includes three half-hour skype sessions to discuss your project, stricter deadlines for four weeks and critiques on up to 120 pages of your manuscript.

Finish my WIP in less than six months package: $1,200

This is for those who want help with their entire WIP. We’ll start on plotting and character grids, move on to deadlines for your writing and have a one-on-one coaching until you finish your manuscript. All that in up to six months! With this package, you get up to ten half-hour skype sessions, deadlines for up to six months, email consultation and critiques of your entire manuscript**!

WIP Coaching

*This service includes critiques, not line editing.

*Full manuscript of up to 400 pages. For fees for larger manuscripts, contact me through email at gabriela@gabrielalessaeditor.com.

  • Critiques

This is for those who just want feedback on their opening pages. You’ll get a one to two-page report highlighting the weaknesses and strengths of your manuscript and offering suggestions. This is not line editing.

10-Page Critique:  $30

25-Page Critique: $75


  • Submission Package Comprehensive Editing and Critiquing

This is for those who are ready to start querying and want to make sure those first few things that will get in front of an agent’s eyes are as good as they can be. This includes a short report about your submission package and a full content edit, along with light line editing.

Basic package (query and first 15 pages) :  $60

Advanced package (query, synopsis and first 25 pages):  $95

Submission Package Comprehensive Editing

  • Full Manuscript Comprehensive Editing

You’ve finished your manuscript. But that’s not enough. In a competitive industry such as publishing, you need a polished, stellar manuscript. This service includes a full content edit (developmental). The editing here can be light, medium or heavy, according to your needs. It can also include coaching and any other services you need. Ready to polish that manuscript? Then send me an email with your blurb and your first ten pages (attached as a Word file) and I will do an assessment completely free of charge! Once we’ve talked, I’ll recommend the right service for you! Email me at gabriela@gabrielalessaeditor.com and we can get started!

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One thought on “Editing and Consulting

  1. Debra

    Dear Gabriela,
    I would like to take advantage of your free 5 page sample edit to see if my story works for you. I have used your services before and was pleased, but would like you to see this story. What do I need to do to send the sample?
    Thank you.


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