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Open for new clients!

Oh, hello world! What is that you’re saying? There’s life beyond feedings and diapers? Well, that’s a surprise!

Ok, people. I’m back. Twins are doing great (thank you for all the well-wishes) and I am ready to start working again! I love my babies, but momma needs a world beyond that nursery (aka my computer in the next room, but oh well). So I am now open to new clients! And I have┬ánews!!!!

You see, I realized the way I’ve been categorizing my services hasn’t been the most effective. Different authors have different needs, right? Some need a little more coaching. Some need a light edit. Some need a heavy edit. It’s not fair to give everyone the same treatment!

So here is how editing will work from now on. You send me your first ten pages, which I will read and evaluate to see what level of edit you’ll need. Once I’ve received your pages, we’ll schedule a skype chat so I can learn more about your goals, your struggles and what you think your manuscript needs. Based on that, I’ll make a suggestion of the services I think you need.

Based on my assessment and what you want, we will tailor a completely personalized package for you! That assessment, of course, is completely free. No strings attached!┬áIsn’t that fantastic?

Just a reminder: it’s up to you what services you hire, but the edit level is NOT. It’s up to me to assess the necessary level of editing. Why? Because that affects the time it will take me to edit your manuscript.

So that’s how a full comprehensive edit will work from now on. What do you think? Is that helpful? Let me know if you have questions or suggestions. I want to know what you think! Just email me at and we can get started!

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Yes, I’m still here

I know, I know. 2014 came and went, 2015 has been here for a while (although I refuse to believe we’re almost in March) and I completely disappeared. Yes, I’m still alive. And yes, I still offer editing services. But there have been a few changes in the past few months…

On the personal side, after a few health struggles in the first semester of 2014 that left me MIA, I am now much better. For those who don’t follow me on twitter and facebook (shame on you!), I also got big news: I’m expecting twins! They’re due in May, and I am thrilled about it.

Of course, that has an effect on the professional side of things. Since I’m a first timer and I’ll be dealing with two infants at a time, I have decided to allow myself a little maternity leave. I already have a mostly filled schedule until April, and then I’ll be closed for new clients for a few months. For now, I can still take on smaller projects for the next two months. But other than that, I am closed for new clients. I will announce when I open my schedule again, so stay tuned.

Oh, and when I do reopen my schedule, I will also revamp things to include incredibly personalized packages and a much more comprehensive way to help you with your writing! That’s something to look forward to!

So if you’re working on a WIP and want an edit, make plans to contact me in the Fall, ok? If you’d live to have a Fall slot reserved for you, please let me know as soon as possible. I look forward to getting back on track! (I’m very confident I can survive the the two-baby trial. I think…)

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Two for one birthday sale!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know I love birthdays. My birthday is this week (we will not go into age specifics!) and there’s nothing I love more than celebrating with friends. So this year, I’m celebrating with you AND your friends!

And how will we do that? Easy. If you hire any services this week (March 10th to 15th), you get two for the price of one! That’s right! You want a full edit? Pick a friend to get one too, for free! Want your submission package edited? Yeap. Your friends gets it too! Anything you hire, you get a second one for free to share with an author friend!

So hurry! Contact me at or go to Editing and Consulting, buy what you want and leave me a note saying who is the friend you want to share your freebie with!

But hurry! It’s only this week! Help me celebrate my birthday with great stories!

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Black Friday Sale!

We don’t have Thanksgiving in Brazil, so no holiday for me. No turkey, no pumpkin pie, no shopping… So I thought I’d take advantage of the one thing I can do to celebrate this holiday with you guys: have a Black Friday sale!

From now until Sunday, all services are 50% off! Just contact me at and tell me what service you would like to hire, and you’ll get it half off!

So enjoy the rest of your holiday and make sure you don’t miss the sale!

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