Monthly Archives: July 2013

Finally, a new website!

Yes, people, I’m alive. After four months of a frustrating battle with servers and hosts and whoever else rules the internet, I gave up on the old address and decided to start fresh. New website, new content, new everything!

Sadly, all the previous posts I had on the other website are gone… I am trying to recover them, and if I do, I’ll bring them to this new address! For now, we’ll have to make due with the new stuff. And there will be plenty of it!

Query Wednesdays are coming back, so you can start sending your queries to with the subject line QUERY WEDNESDAY. A new contest is in the works! And, of course, you can send your questions and suggestions for topics to be discussed here.

Editing services are all listed on the Editing and Consulting page, all the same as they were before!

So welcome! It’s so good to be back!

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